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High Street Retail Still Has Its Place Post Covid | Interview With UK MD of Quooker

Stephen Johnson, UK Managing Director of Quooker, joins us today to talk us through how the business survived and thrived during COVID-19. We delve into how Quooker adjusted their selling strategy, what additional selling avenues they've looked into and how you can put the customer first even during a global pandemic.

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Ecommerce Weekly News Roundup 13th - 17th July 2020

Another eventful week in the world of ecommerce and retail. Check out our 3 minute update of everything that has gone on this week.

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"The world's largest 18 marketplaces sell over $1 trillion worth of goods every year."

By the end of 2020, it is estimated that marketplaces will account for over 40% of the global online retail market. With the ability to enhance customer loyalty, increase average order values and boost trust it seems like integrating marketplace technology will be a logical move for many eCommerce businesses within the next 5 years.

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Why does my business need to adopt an omnichannel approach to retail?

The vast majority of retailers operate a multichannel approach, where they sell their products across more than one channel. However, the move to omnichannel has not been adopted by a high percentage of retailers just yet. 

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Steve Oliver CEO of Music Magpie on driving growth during Covid19

Today we have Steve Oliver from Music Magpie, thank you very much for joining us Steve. It would be great for you to take part in this new mini-series we’re doing which is interviewing different ecommerce business leaders about life during and after COVID-19 and how you are adapting and innovating in the world of ecommerce and marketplaces. 

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