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C2C Marketplace

A Customer to Customer marketplace also known as a multi vendor marketplace powers the exchange of second-hand products, and services from various consumers to other consumers willing to purchase, tackling the sustainability challenges that are currently present across the world.

Leverage Your Customer Base

Benefits of implementing or creating a C2C marketplace


Generate Enhanced Customer Data

Customers can purchase items from other customers on your marketplace platform, whilst you collect all of the customer data that is exchanged.


Grow a Commission based Revenue Stream

Capitalise on customers that are already selling your products on third party C2C marketplaces.


Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Allow customers to redeem their sales for discounted vouchers of your new products in your main eCommerce store.

Businesses are using the second hand reseller market to gain serious competitive advantage.

Tax incentives for sustainable businesses create the perfect opportunity to capitalise on C2C marketplaces.

Let Mercarto Enterprise build your business a bespoke C2C marketplace with tomorrow’s bleeding edge technology.

Your brand can become the platform for customers to exchange second hand items whilst earning commission with every transaction.

Let’s build your marketplace.

Futureproof your business model.

24/7 support & advice every step of the way.

A dynamic infrastructure that grows with you.