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Wholesalers & Buying Groups

Create the future of eCommerce that offers more convenience, shipping options, product choice and product comparison with marketplace technology.

Bespoke Implementation

Eliminate the Need to Rely on Third-Party Marketplaces

Out of the box and ready to go, the core MET marketplace platform can be deployed to allow your business to scale
and grow with little to no lead time.

Become THE Destination

Stand out from competitors by serving as a one-stop shop for buyers’ needs.

Rapidly Extend Offerings

Your site generates sales for partners so your businesses grow together.

Provide Qualified Buying Options

Your expanded marketplace-enabled offering gives current customers more reasons to make repeat purchases.

International Growth

Create a Global Supplier Network


MET’s clients utilise our core platform to connect manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and exporters, simplifying every aspect of the buying process without the countless hours of back and forth negotiation.


The internal purchasing teams can open up competition between the suppliers whilst the marketplace opens them up to new markets and companies. We provide the capabilities for our B2B marketplaces to be able to audit suppliers based on their product portfolio, distribution options, credit check, quality of goods and performance of production lines.

Payment Options

We enable your B2B marketplace to operate with a variety of payment methods so that clients can choose the form of payment best suited to their market rather than a standard, centralised payment system.

Let’s build your marketplace.

Futureproof your business model.

24/7 support & advice every step of the way.

A dynamic infrastructure that grows with you.